Monastery Summer Happenings 2016

Greetings to our blog family!  Thought you’d enjoy seeing some pictures of “photo-worthy” events that have happened this summer…


Not only did we get a new superior in June but we also received a new chaplain! Fr. Lou Caporiccio, C.P.M. is no stranger to our community. His first work with us was back in 2001 as a chaplain for a vocation retreat. Father is a member of the Fathers of Mercy. Here is seen with Sr. Mary Veronica and Sr. Mary Therese while holding a relic of the Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen.

Photos from some Strawberry days…



nunstrawberriescblog2016 nunstrawberriesdblog2016


The awesome staff of Trinity High School in Whitesville was here for a service day in July. They did everything from weeding, repairing flower bed borders and cutting down the forest in the veggie garden, to power washing and help prep newsletters for mailing. May God bless and reward you!

Photos from Peaches days…my did those peaches taste good!

novicespeachesblog2016 srceciliamariapeachesblog2016



It was a blessing to have our friend Fr. Charles Connor with us for a week in August…he gave conferences to the nuns and led the Oblate retreat on the theme of the life and spirituality of Venerable Fulton J Sheen. We hope he’ll return…perhaps with conferences on St. Therese of Lisieux.



This photo definitely received the highest raves when I asked earlier this year which you preferred to be used as a life-size vocation poster. We are in the process of having that banner created. This will draw youth to our display tables at various youth conferences. On the table they will see our vocation materials, including our brochure, which show the smiling faces of the young sisters (that is the “32 and under Gang”)

I heard from a young woman in California last week. I thought her message summed up what we want to show in our vocation materials and what so many of you wrote when you shared your suggestions…It is important to promote the heart of our mission, yet we must do that with joy!

She wrote the following:

I have been thinking about being a nun “when I grow up” since I was around six years old. [She is 17 y.o. now.] For the past year, I have been looking into different convents. I have been attracted to the cloistered contemplative life since my preteen years. I have developed a love for Christ in his Passion over the years as well. One priority of mine is to pray for souls, for my country, for everything and everyone! I think it is a neat idea to make a difference in the world through prayer as a nun.

I looked at the pictures on your website and was surprised and pleased to see that, despite your serious mission, you all look happy. To be honest, I am glad to see a few young faces in the pictures as well. I am thrilled to get know your order and can’t wait for a response! Please pray for me and my family.

Dear family, please pray we always be faithful to our mission in the Church and fulfill it with JOY!

God love you!

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