Summer Newsletter and Aspirants!

Hello from a Kentucky cloister!

Our latest newsletter was just posted on our website. It features an interview with Mother John Mary.

And don’t miss the insert that shares the motive-force behind our retreat house and how you can make a holy “get away” to draw near to God in a silent and prayerful environment.

A N D   I   H A V E   F A B U L O U S   N E W S ! ! !

As of this past Saturday we have two aspirants!  Please pray for Ruth and Olivia as they begin this 3-month odyssey of seeking God and his plan for their lives. If all goes well they will discern entering our monastery in December!

I will post photos of them in my next blog post…I know…that’s kind of cruel isn’t it. 🙂

God bless you! and be on the watch for two Passionist aspirants…

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4 thoughts on “Summer Newsletter and Aspirants!

  1. The latest newsletter was a wonderful sight to see in the mailbox!!! Always very informative and inspiring!
    Looking forward to seeing the pictures of the two new aspirants! And yes, Mother, (to quote you) that was “kind of cruel” to have us wait until a future blog to see them 🙂
    Thank you for all the lovely pictures on the previous blog!
    Prayers for all the Passionist nuns on this day and always

  2. Thank you for posting the recent photos of the community. You all look so happy. Praying that Olivia and Ruth will discern a vocation to the religious life and enter as postulants.

  3. Oh how wonderful! Two new aspirants! They will have my prayers. I am thankful for their discernment. May God shower them with His grace and blessings!

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