Finally – Photo of Aspirants

Sunday, August 28 Ruth and Olivia received their small Passion sign pin and officially entered the 3-month aspirancy program. They received their pin during Vespers of that Sunday.


The following was the reading for Vespers that evening – how appropriate!

READING      2 Thessalonians 2:13-14
We are bound to thank God for you always, beloved brothers and sisters in the Lord, because you are the first fruits of those whom God has chosen for salvation, in holiness of spirit and fidelity to truth. He called you through our preaching of the good news so that you might achieve the glory of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Our Lord is great, mighty is his power.
– Our Lord is great, mighty is his power.
His wisdom is beyond compare,
– mighty is his power.
Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit,
– Our Lord is great, mighty is his power.

Indeed His wisdom is beyond compare!


Please keep Ruth and Olivia in your prayers as they and we continue to discern God’s plan if it is indeed his will for them to be future Passionist Nuns.

This post is dedicated to the “aspirant moms”!

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20 thoughts on “Finally – Photo of Aspirants

  1. Please tell Olivia that another Euclidian is praying for her perseverance. It is not often that one hails from Euclid, Ohio!

  2. Ruth and Olivia you are in my nightly prayers. I will pray with you as you make your journey towards God’s Will. God Bless and know you are loved.

  3. Thank you for sharing this photo. I shall continue to pray for you, Olivia. May you remain always close to our Savior!

  4. The glow of holy joy on Ruth’s & Olivia’s faces could light up the whole world! Many prayers each day for all of you to know God’s Holy Will for these young ladies!

  5. I’m very happy for you while your novitiate is increasing. I think I’ve already seen Ruth for an aspirancy program a few years ago. Am I wrong? God bless you all

    • You are correct – Ruth was in the aspirancy program 4 years ago but sensed that it wasn’t the right time to enter the monastery. She’s had a happy four years since then but the Passionist memory has not faded…hence, she is an aspirant once more. Thank you for your prayers for new members!

  6. May God ble with Ruth and Olivia as the proceed in their vocation in the Passionist Monestary, It is such a prilivage of being a part of their lives as an Oblate, God bless them as well as all the Passionist Nuns and Oblates,

  7. God bless you Olivia you are so blessed & loved by all of those who love you. But best of all by God,,,,I will so continue to pray for you. You really are in my thoughts each day Mrs Ralph

  8. Thank you for showing me my daughter’s smiling face! We sure miss her but are also comforted knowing she is in good hands with you sisters and with God.

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