Gifts for Mother Superior

Hello folks!  Some of our younger Sisters are writing the blog posts now and I hope you enjoy them. Unfortunately, Mother John Mary hasn’t had time to show them how to work the dashboard and upload them yet. That is why this blog post is old!

Gaudeamus Gifts

When we celebrated the Superior’s feast day Gaudeamus in January, Mother John Mary was the recipient of several handicrafts in various stages of completion. She graciously “ooh-ed” and “ahh-ed” over our work, then handed the boxes back for us to put the finishing touches…with such a busy Christmas season this year, the “nun-elves” simply hadn’t had time to finish their stitching! But at long last, we have pictures for you of the finished products – quilted rosary pouches made by the Sisters in formation and various vocation visitors, a lovely frame of the Lord’s Prayer cross-stitched by Sr. Cecilia Maria, and a granny square afghan by Sr. Lucia Marie.


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3 thoughts on “Gifts for Mother Superior

  1. What creative and beautiful handiwork. I would love to purchase those items too but living in Australia means postage is very expensive. Mother John Mary involving the younger sisters in writing blogs is a great idea as you have such a lot on your plate. I look forward to reading what they have to say.

  2. Thanks for sharing these photos of your beautiful handiwork with all of us! If you ever decide to sell some of the quilted breviary covers, I’d be very interested in purchasing one! I think the softness would make it easier for me to hold my breviary. I currently have one of the hard leather covers. All of you are so talented! God be with each of you!

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