Visitors Near and Far

We have been blessed by the presence of a number of visitors and retreatants in February and March, some local folks, some from other states, and yes, even one from across the Atlantic Ocean!

Kate Mims, a retreatant from Texas with a Passionist spirit; she built our lovely new bridge and the shrine to St. Michael with her sons last fall.


Three local homeschooling families came to learn more about cloistered contemplative life and joined us for Midafternoon Prayer.


A group of seminarians from St. Meinrad’s in Indiana visited us on a class trip to learn about our life and Passionist spirituality.


Jessica came all the way from Holland to make an extended solitude retreat at a Passionist monastery. Mother arranged for us to visit with Jessica on her last night at St. Joseph’s, when she shared with us about the Catholic Church in The Netherlands and some stories from her family during World War II.


3 thoughts on “Visitors Near and Far

  1. We had such a great time there for our field trip! So very blessed to have you in our community and we think and pray for you often.
    God Bless!

  2. Wow! Your ministry to so many visitors reminds me of St. Therese’s desire to be a missionary & how God answered that desire by bringing people into her life even within the cloister! Your influence is spreading far because of your kind hospitality to so many visitors! God bless you!

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