Unless a Grain of Wheat…


What was that? An airplane taking off in the courtyard?

No, guess again.

It was our shiny new grain mill grinding hard white wheat for homemade cinnamon buns!

Thanks to some very generous retreatants who are home-milling enthusiasts, our kitchen has welcomed an electric countertop grain mill, a new bread machine, and all the items we need to bake bread from freshly ground flour. The only way we could get more “from scratch” is to grow our own ingredients, but I suspect an opportunity for wheat farming is many years and a dozen Postulants into the future.

So far, we have just enjoyed the resulting simple loaves of bread for breakfast.

But one recent morning found Sr. Cecilia Maria hard at work rolling out some beautiful cinnamon buns for the upcoming Easter festivities.

Watching Sister making bread reminded me (Sister Blogger) of the ancient Eucharistic prayer recorded in the Didache:

“As this broken bread was scattered over the hills and then, when gathered, became one mass, so may Thy Church be gathered from the ends of the earth into Thy Kingdom.”

(Didache 9:4, trans. by James A. Kleist, S.J., Ph.D. in v. 6 of Ancient Christian Writers.)

Thanks be to God for the gift of home-baked bread, nourishing the body and made with love by the hands of our Sisters! And yet, how much greater must our gratitude be for the gift of the Church He has gathered and fed with the Bread of Life, Jesus Christ.

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4 thoughts on “Unless a Grain of Wheat…

  1. Oh, Sister Mary Andrea would know how close to my heart this news is, that you are now not only making your own bread, but even better yet grinding your own grain!…the God of surprises! I had so much fun making a batch of bread Thursday with 4-yr-old cousins, Kenzlie and Charlie taking turns adding ingredients and whisking it all together!
    And reading your comment at the end brought me right back to this past Saturday when our granddaughters, Allison and Azalea, made their First Holy Communion. I was inspired to write in their cards that this is the greatest gift they will ever receive.

  2. Wheat berries for addition loves are cooking on the stove as I type this. Eating last loaf now so needed to make more. Then I opened my email and saw your post! Those cinnamon buns look just like mine – wonder why? The grain mill is a fabulous addition to your kitchen. Good that I know of a grain source. Have a wonderful day!

  3. Those buns look very tempting. I hope you all enjoyed them. I have a bread making machine but lately have been lazy. No real excuse either so must get busy and bake some good healthy bread. God bless you all dear sisters.

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