Eggs of All Sorts

The Easter Season lasts for 50 days, so we hope you won’t mind that we’re a little late in sharing some pictures from our Easter preparations and celebrations on Easter Sunday! As the constant “alleluias” in the liturgy remind us, we are still very much immersed in the joy of the Risen Lord. Here in the monastery, that joy touches everything…even our cupcakes.

The Novitiate and Junior Professed decorating cupcakes for Easter Sunday.

We broke out all the piping bags and fancy icing tips

No two alike

Coconut grass and jelly beans to finish the platter – like a basket of Easter Eggs!

They even look like eggs inside, with a drop of yellow batter in the center!

Our annual Easter Egg hunt, and your annual photo of nuns running.

Sr. Cecilia Maria investigates a flower bed.

Sr. Marie Michael hunts by Christie’s coral bells.

A triumphant Sr. Therese Marie and Sr. Mary Elizabeth show off their findings.

Ruth is on a roll!

Ruth, Sr. Mary Veronica, and Sr. Marie Michael, a wind-swept trio.

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10 thoughts on “Eggs of All Sorts

  1. Thank you for sharing these fun pictures from your Easter celebration. From the making of those beautiful cupcakes to all the sister’s hunting Easter Eggs!! I was really excited to see the two with my aunt Sr. Marie Michael in them. Looks like fun was had by all!!

  2. I love seeing these joyful pictures…truly a reflection of the beautiful season and your Spirits in Christ ❤

  3. Alleluia! He is risen! Your Easter egg hunt reminded me of the Scripture verse — “The women ran quickly” (Mt. 28:8)!

  4. Those cupcakes look like cakes you would see in an upmarket shop. The Easter egg hunt reminds me of my grandson excitedly running around the garden looking for Easter eggs we had hidden. Hope you all enjoyed them.

  5. Alleluia! From the scenes in the beautiful photos, it appears that all of you had a splendid Easter weekend!! Praise God! Thank you for sharing your Easter with all of us! As you mentioned, we have several weeks of Easter joy to celebrate. Hope you enjoy some warm spring weather!

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