Vocation Storybook, Part 1: The Little Girl Who Wanted a Sister

Recently we welcomed a group of 50 students from Maximilian Montessori Academy for a day of retreat and exploring Passionist Life. Since many of the students were in the Kindergarten through 3rd grade age range, we decided to rethink our traditional vocation talks to help engage our young visitors.

The result? Vocation Storybooks! Three Sisters each chose an aspect of their vocation story to highlight in a fairytale-style, to which we added a few large illustrations. We’ll be sharing these tales with you in a three-part series, so stay tuned!

Now, without further ado, we present to you:

Part 1: The Little Girl Who Wanted a Sister

Once upon a time there was a little girl who lived with her Mom, her Dad, AND FIVE brothers.

ALL that little girl wanted was to have a sister.

She prayed and wished and hoped for a sister.

“If I only had a sister….

We could pretend to be PRINCESSES!

We could wear LONG DRESSES!


We could do our hair and our nails…we could make each other look BEAUTIFUL!”

The little girl loved her five brothers. They were wonderful.

But a brother is not the same as a sister.

Her brothers never wanted to be princesses. They never wanted to wear long dresses or crowns. And they MOST CERTAINLY DID NOT want to look BEAUTIFUL, OR to make their sister look beautiful.

Many years passed, and the girl still did not have a sister.

“OH WELL…” she said to herself. “Maybe I’m just not meant to have a sister…”

BUT THEN, something happened! ONE DAY, she met a KING! He was tall and handsome and kind, and He wore a crown. He said to her, “My Child, will you come to live in My palace?”

The little girl was amazed that a REAL KING would ask HER to come to live in His palace. How could she say no?

“Oh yes, my King, I would love to come to Your palace!”, she replied. “But if I live in the palace of the King, would that make me a REAL PRINCESS?”

“Yes”, the King said. “In My palace, you will be a princess, very dear to the Heart of the King.

“And will I wear a long dress and a crown?”

“Yes, you will have a crown like mine, and a long dress.”

“And will I be BEAUTIFUL?”

“Oh yes, you will become very beautiful indeed. But you will not become beautiful all by yourself. You will need help for that.”

The girl knew how kind and good the King was. “YOU will help me to beautiful, My King!”, she said.

“You’re right”, the King said with a smile. “But I have chosen others to help You, too.”

SUDDENLY, the girl thought of something…Maybe, JUST MAYBE, if she came to live in the palace of the King, she would have what she had ALWAYS WANTED!

Do you remember what she ALWAYS WANTED?


“My King…” the little girl whispered, “If I come to live with You in Your palace….will I have a SISTER??”

The King’s smile got even bigger this time. But He didn’t answer her question! All He said was,

“Come, Follow Me!”

So the little girl followed the King, and came to live in His palace.

She became a princess, very dear to Heart of the King. She wore a long dress. BUT BEST OF ALL, she had SISTERS! Not just one sister. She had many, many, sisters!

The King said to her, “These are the sisters that you have wanted for so long. These are the sisters who will help make you beautiful for the King. And you will help to make them beautiful, too. Your sisters will help you and teach you how to LOVE. And you will help them to love. It is LOVE that makes the Sisters in My Palace the MOST BEAUTIFUL!

To be continued . . .

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15 thoughts on “Vocation Storybook, Part 1: The Little Girl Who Wanted a Sister

  1. Sisters, This is so wonderful! I hope you are planning to publish this.

    Love it and can’t wait for the rest!!

    Love, Veda

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. This is absolutely wonderful! I love the fairytale…just perfect for your visitors and adults too. What a powerful way to understand what happens at St. Joseph’s 🙂 As a girl with only brothers, maybe that’s one of the reasons I feel so at home on retreat with you all!

    Peace of the Lord, Anne Dobbs


  3. Fantastic! Will you self-publish or are you looking for a publisher? I definitely want to buy some copies!

  4. I was impressed. You are a very creative lot and I can imagine that the little girls who read the story will love it. Will look forward to reading the next story however one question I have is, most little girls I know love pink and lots of bling. To get around that I think you will have to show how much better it is to have pretty flowers and gold chalices on the altar that will be pleasing to God than to wear pretty dresses.

  5. An inspired idea, & how beautifully it turned out! As others have said, you’d be doing a great service to the Church if you can publish these books & make them available to parishes, Catholic schools & CCD programs, Catholic bookstores, etc.! Quite a market out here for inspirational books for young children! God be with each of you!

  6. Oh my! This is beautiful! I love it! And what a wonderful way to tell children about the beautiful vocation of religious life and the Passionists! Thank you for sharing. I will share it too. I can’t wait for the next one!!!

  7. “The Three Wise Women” So glad that you are posting this in your blog. I am fortunate to be in possession of the entire script. The pictures are wonderful!

  8. Oh, how touching indeed. Couldn’t help but think about our family as there was one girl tucked between 5 boys when we had 6 children. That girl’s younger sister was chosen by God to become one of those princesses in Christ’s kingdom!
    Can’t wait to share your story with that princesses’ nieces!

  9. I have taught religious education for many years and this is the best vocation storybook I have ever seen. I have a great affection for the Passionist Sisters. Well done speaks well to the heart of things.

  10. You better start looking for a publisher! Maybe another door is opening??? Very well done and so creative! Love it!!!

  11. I taught religious education for many years and this vocation storybook is the best I have ever seen. All things from the heart turn out that way.

  12. Sisters! That was adorable, and I am sure the little ones enjoyed it very much. I look forward to the other installments.

    God bless you all!

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