Gardens Enclosed

Throughout the spring we were busy (“fun” busy!) planting flowerpots to spruce up the nuns’ courtyard and the areas around our Retreat House.

With the arrival of summer’s heat, we aren’t planting too much anymore; the time has come to weed and water gardens, mow lawns and water flowerpots, trim mint and water…did we already mention watering? Thankfully, we have a well from what to draw water because we would not be able to afford to pay for all the water to keep the plants alive! Kentucky’s heat and clay soil makes for a lot of watering to be done!

We would also like to give special thanks to our special donors who gave us A LOT of year-old mulch this year and many of the plants you see in these photos.

But the results are well worth it. Here’s a sampling of the gardens (and gardeners) around St. Joseph Monastery this year.


One of Sr. Mary Therese’s garden arrangements on the Retreat House dining room patio.

Christie is expert at tucking flowers into every nook and cranny of her little garden space.

Daylilies and creeping thyme put on a display for the Blessed Virgin.

Mountains of purple salvia behind the Immaculate Heart statute.


Watch out dandelions! Sr. Frances Marie mows the cloister lawns.

Sr. Mary Veronica planting her famous vincas around the courtyard.

Anyone know what kind of bird made this nest? The nest is covered in lichen from a tree and it is very tiny! Found abandoned, now it is part of Mother John Mary’s rock garden.

Mother John Mary hard at work on her garden during her 8-day retreat in late May.

More of the rock garden. The joe pye weed behind the angel statue is twice as tall now and this bed has a lot more color now!

Sr. Cecilia Maria’s Mint-Henge recently welcomed some new herbs, and a tiny bay sapling in the pot on the pedestal.

By the end of the season, these pots will be overflowing with color!

Sr. Frances Marie digging trenches for asparagus – a gift from a relative of one of our deceased sisters.


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7 thoughts on “Gardens Enclosed

  1. You certainly have beautiful gardens and work hard to make them so. We are in the middle of winter in Australia so cold nights and days but at least it does not snow where I live but further south it does. In winter lawns hardly need mowing and most gardens are composed of Australian natives which look after themselves. Love your flowers.

  2. Thank you for sharing your gardening news! This post gave me hope that the flowers, including perennials, that we planted on my parents’ & our baby son’s graves last weekend will actually bloom & thrive. So much clay! Wow! I’ll stop worrying after seeing your beautiful photos! God bless your summer blooms!

  3. Nest is probably a humming birds as they make very tiny nests and use lichen. Look around your red flowers and you might see one.

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