The Language Barrier

One of you left a comment in an earlier blog post asking how we overcame the language barrier (that Tower of Babel!) while we were in Rome. I certainly wish Sr. Catherine Marie and I spoke good “broken” Italian but, alas, we are dependent upon others to assist – and Google Translate can only go so far!  🙂

With us during our time of work in Rome was a dear friend and canonist who speaks fluent Italian, having lived in Italy about 10 years.  Special thanks to Msgr. Michael Palud for assisting us during the days of work. We had many questions about our juridical structure of communion and Msgr. was unflagging in translating our conversations with our representatives in Rome.

During our visit with the Nuns in Campagnano, Italy

Msgr. is a member of the Congregation of the Oratory and a missionary in Jamaica. He and all the brethren there have a special place in our prayers!

Grazie mille Msgr. Palud!

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One thought on “The Language Barrier

  1. You were fortunate to have Msgr Palud to interpret for you as although I believe Italian is one of the easiest languages to learn it still takes time. I made a rush trip to Germany years ago and was very grateful my host spoke excellent English as he had lived in Canada for some years. His wife only spoke German but we managed to communicate. I learned some nouns by looking at the catalogues they received from various shops. We call them junk mail here.

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