Priests – First-rate Vocation Promoters!

This summer is bringing us a number of visitors looking to discover just what it means to be a Passionist Nun.

In June, we welcomed three young women – Rosa, Emily, and Jessica – for a very graced weekend Vocation Retreat.


Jessica, Rosa, and Emily with some of the nuns.

All three of them were encouraged to contact our community by priests who have been to the monastery on retreats. We are so grateful for Fr. Vincent Ferrer Bagan, OP, Fr. Eugene Batungbacal, CSSR, and the Dominican Friars at Indiana University for helping to spread the word of our Passionist life, near and far!

In July, we were honored to be among the many stops of a cross-country Nun Run from Holy Family Parish in St. Paul, MN.

The Minnesota Nun Run: So many young women open to God’s will!

Mother John Mary’s NET Alumni friend, Bishop Andrew Cozzens, sent the Nun Run our way. Many thanks to Bishop Cozzens, and to the priests (Fr. Johnson and Fr. Tyson) and chaperones who brought these young women all the way to the “Holy Land” of Kentucky to see us

Thank God for our priests and all they do as His ministers!

Please join in our prayers that many young women will hear and respond to the call to follow the Lord as brides of Jesus Crucified.

Interested in making your own visit to discover Passionist contemplative life? Click here to sign up for an upcoming Vocation Retreat.

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One thought on “Priests – First-rate Vocation Promoters!

  1. Nun runs are a great idea to promote different orders. Unfortunately they don’t appear to have them in Australia and very few orders have good websites either unlike your website. I do hope you gain some new members. Will be praying for you all.

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