Did You See?

Did you see?

The burning question of August: “Did you see the solar eclipse?” Yes, indeed we did!

The whole community viewing the eclipse (plus Steve, the monastery caretaker)

We were not quite in the line of totality, but at 99%, we got to experience a remarkable dimming of the Sun’s light and a drop in temperature. The cicadas quieted down, the crickets rosined up their bows for a twilight serenade, the dappled light beneath our trees looked like thousands of crescents, and we even spotted a planet during the peak of the eclipse. Mother John Mary provided eclipse glasses for the whole community, so we were able to watch the Sun rather quickly be blotted out to a tiny crimson sliver, then gradually reappear to its full splendor. The whole event put us in awe of our Creator; how precisely our solar system was designed that such a wonder could happen at all!

Visitor Emily with Sr. Cecilia Maria and Sr. Mary Andrea

The week of the eclipse, we happened to have a young woman on a live-in experience at the monastery – she saw the eclipse with us, but she must have seen something more, because the Lord drew her back to continue discerning with us!

Emily receives the Passion Sign pin

On October 3rd, during Night Prayer, Emily received the little Passion Sign pin of an aspirant and began a new season of seeking the Lord’s designs for her. Please remember her in prayer, that this may be a time of grace and clarity in discernment, and continue asking the Lord to draw more young women to follow Him in Passionist life.

The new aspirant with Mother John Mary and Sr. Mary Veronica, our novice directress

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3 thoughts on “Did You See?

  1. Congratulations to you all and to Emily on her aspirancy! The solar eclipse viewing looks like fun, but the good cooking there is enough to make anyone want to try out your community :). May God bless you all!

  2. Praised be Jesus Christ! How wonderful to receive a new aspirant, Emily! She will be in our prayers as she discerns Our Lord’s Will for her. Thank you for sharing your eclipse experience with us, too. And, a belated “thank you” for the many smiles I received from your cucumber post! Our family was enjoying multiple ways of eating cukes during that time, too. Sadly, they are now gone until next summer. It’s always a treat to see photos of all of you & know that you’re doing well.

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