Come Spouse of Christ – First Profession of Vows of Sr. Maria Faustina, CP

December 8, 2017, the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary, was a day of great joy for our community at St. Joseph Monastery as we witnessed the consecration of a new Bride of Christ by the profession of the five Passionist Vows.  Sr. Maria Faustina of the Agonizing Heart of Jesus and the Sorrowful Heart of Mary committed herself to follow Jesus Crucified more closely in a life of devotion to and grateful remembrance of His Passion, a life of chastity, poverty, obedience, and enclosure.

Despite the fervent prayers of some of the younger nuns, there was no snow outside, but it was a winter wonderland nonetheless, with glorious blue and white bouquets honoring our Blessed Mother and befitting Sister’s wedding day to the King of kings.

Most Rev. William Medley, Bishop of Owensboro, presided at the Mass.  Assisting him were four Fathers of Mercy, Fr. David Wilton, Fr. Lou Caporiccio (our chaplain and the day’s  homilist), Fr. Joel Rogers, and Fr. Andy Cravalho; two Passionists, Fr. Sebastian McDonald and Fr. John Schork; and two dear priest friends of our community, Msgr. Bernard Powers and Fr. Joseph Mills.  We were blessed by their presence, along with the help of our Master of Ceremonies, Ian Barnstead, and servers, Greg Mills and Maximilian Combs (Postulant with the Fathers of Mercy).

A big “thank you” is also due to the Passionist Oblates who provided a bounteous reception following the Mass!  And we are especially grateful to our three anonymous donors who supplied for the flowers and the printing of the worship aids for Mass.

The celebration of Sister’s profession was undoubtedly touched with the serenity and joy which accompany the presence of our Blessed Mother.  Reflecting on Mary as model of religious life, Sr. Maria Faustina shared:

As the spotless Bride, she draws us by her beauty (the beauty which is a crystal clear reflection of God Who is Infinite Beauty) to imitate her and do all we can to become beautiful brides for Christ.  When we entrust ourselves to Mary, she helps to make us radiant brides of Christ.

We could certainly see that beauty in Sr. Maria Faustina, the new bride of Christ Crucified!

Now without further ado, we share with you some photos from the Mass – courtesy of Larena Lawson, grazie mille!

Click the photos to see them full-size with captions.

After Mass – most from Larena Lawson, a few taken by the nuns:

Odds and ends from the beautiful day:

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5 thoughts on “Come Spouse of Christ – First Profession of Vows of Sr. Maria Faustina, CP

  1. What a joy to be a witness to this. And, there is such joy in these pictures. Thank you God for Sr. Maria Faustina and her vocation! God bless all of you dear sisters!

  2. What a glorious day for all of you! Congratulations & the promise of continuing prayers for Sr. Maria Faustina & all of you as you live the grace-filled vocation of Passionists. Also praying that your novitiate will soon by “busting at the seams” with new candidates! God bless all of you!

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