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  1. Christie’s photo crops up a lot but I am not sure what her role is in the monastery seeing she does not wear the habit or the postulant’s dress.

    • Great question Bev! Here is some info I posted a few year back about our Oblate Affiliate Christie Swanson.

      Affiliates are Catholic laywomen who, while not becoming professed religious, live within the monastery, sharing our spirituality and assisting us through works of service both within and outside of the cloister. Our monastery may have only two Affiliates. Christie’s first commitment was made after successfully completing an initial 3-month period of life within our cloistered community.

      After participating in the Passionist Oblate formation program since 2003, Christie made her Act of Oblation in 2005. During her time as a Passionist Oblate, she received the call to become even more closely associated with our monastery. When she made her formal request, we decided to make use of an indult granted by the Holy See in the1980’s and communicated to us by Fr. Fabiano Giorgini, C.P. to have “Oblates” who live within the cloister in service of the monastery. Father Fabiano (R.I.P.) is lovingly called by our community, “our second founder” because of his leadership in the Vatican II revision of our Rule and Constitutions. Most Rev. Paul M. Boyle, C.P. (R.I.P.) assisted us in drawing up the guidelines for the Affiliate program.

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